Crescent tools are known for their efficiency and durability. They are made by the Crescent Company, formerly known as the Crescent Tool Company. This brand of tools was founded in 1907 and has changed ownership several times already. Currently, it is owned by the Apex Tool Group, LLC. If you are looking for hand tools that are sturdy and guaranteed to last for a long period time, I suggest that you choose tools from Crescent.


Crescent Tools – Wrenches

Of all the tools offered by Crescent, wrenches are perhaps the most popular amongst homeowners. These are adjustable wrenches that feature sliding jaws that change their width depending on how wide the bolts are. Why they are called crescent is due to the fact that the shape of their heads are shaped like a crescent moon.

A Crescent wrench can both be useful and damaging. If you use it properly, you will find that it is a very versatile tool which can be adapted to a variety of situations. It is also an excellent substitute for other wrenches. Instead of carrying different types of wrenches in your tool box, you can just use this wrench.

Then again, if you use this wrench in a situation wherein a more precise tool is necessary, you may have a problem. I would not recommend that you use the Crescent wrench in place of an axle bolt. If you use a Crescent wrench to loosen bolts that were tightened, the stress may cause it to slip and damage the head of the bolt. This would cause the bolt to be much more difficult to loosen; plus, your hand can even be hurt or bruised when hit.


Other Useful Crescent Tools

Crescent ToolsAside from wrenches, I suggest that you also check out the other tools offered by Crescent. These tools will surely come in handy when you need to make renovations in your home, fix certain fixtures, or complete projects. Be sure to check out anvils, cutters, caulk guns, hand saws, extractors, hammers, nut drivers, and nut splitters. There are also rivet tools, staple guns, pliers, pry bars, screwdrivers, scrapers, and stud finders.


Power Tools And Accessories

Other than these handy tools, you may even choose from their wide selection of power tools to suit your needs. There are blade sharpeners, circular saws, chop saws, cordless drills, cutoff tools, cutting shears, electric drills, drill bits, jig saws, impact wrenches, pipe expanders, ratchet wrenches, spiral saws, scroll saws, rotary hammers, and tile saws.

Of course, there are also accessories available. I find Crescent’s selection of accessories versatile and excellent. There are blade rollers, chuck keys, glue guns, polishing kits, replacement saw parts, and power tool covers.


The Bottom-Line

Crescent ToolsWhether you are a homeowner or a professional worker, you will surely find these tools handy, useful, and practical. Crescent has all the tools anyone could ever need. Do not worry because there are over seventy Crescent stores in the country. You will not have a hard time looking for the Crescent tools you need.